South of Hastings, Minnesota—September 2016 44° 39’ 58”N 92° 44’ 10”W Elevation 840 feet

The cairn points north in the flooded wood near the Highway 58 bridge over the Vermillion River. 

The National Park Services website describes the way that many groups are working to protect and improve water quality in the Vermillion River watershed. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has designated parts of the Vermillion as trout stream. This designation carries with it rules of use that should significantly improve the water quality of the river.The Friends of the Vermillion River Water Trail are working to expand access to the river by kayak and canoe as well as secure state designation as an official Minnesota Water Trail.

The White Pointer cairn in this image was assembled from white and clear glass.  Many of the vases in this cairn were purchased at thrift stores in northern Minnesota.